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My name is Myriam A, I was born in Colombia but have lived in the USA most of my life, my passion is travel , good food, good drinks and good people. I am 100% citizen of the world and animal advocate ! I hope if you follow me, and get inspired to start your own journey. I don't have the opportunity to travel with companions all the time, so most of the time  I am a solo traveler  , I would love to share my stories and offer any advice to anyone out there unsure if solo travel is for them I  have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, I hope you can join me thru these adventures, and get some motivation to travel , either alone or in good company , stay tuned ......

Going to Sydney Australia? Stay at Pier One Sydney Harbor, Autograph Collection, seriously …

*This is NOT a paid partnership with Marriott Hotels, all opinions and photographs are my own. When it comes to choosing lodging for your travels, there are many choices including and not limited to Hotels, Hostels, Air B&B, etc. But … Continue reading

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Delta One Suites LAX to SYD

I’m very excited to review the New Delta One Suites on the recently retrofitted Boeing 777-200 LR now servicing LAX to SYD. I was able to secure a one-way ticket to Sydney with 120,000 miles + $27.90, which I booked … Continue reading

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California wine country, beauty, tragedy and rising thru the ashes stronger than ever

  The first time I visited Napa Valley , was about 20 plus years ago when I was visiting a dear friend in San Francisco and of course he took me to see the major sites of the city, we … Continue reading

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My first experience with a Marrakesh hammam treatment was both terrifying and enlightening…

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a good massage from time to time. Usually, when I get one, I go for a deep tissue and or Swedish massage and usually done by a massage therapist that speaks my … Continue reading

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Morocco, land of enchantment and beauty

  Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to join AFAR and Nikon for a photography expedition thru Morocco, we spent 9 magical, mystical and overloaded days thru the many faces and personalities of Morocco. Morocco is many things, its … Continue reading

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Zagreb, Croatia, proceed with caution…

  When I thought of Croatia, I thought of Dubrovnik (subject of a future blog) which is a beautiful city and a backdrop to Game of Thrones, or Split, Croatia’s coastal heaven. Until just a few months ago I did … Continue reading

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In a sea of airlines, next time you fly to or from Europe, consider flying Iberia

it comes to flying, we have many choices today, from budget to high end carriers (what is considered a high end carrier now a days? We will discuss that on another post). If you are like me, you probably book … Continue reading

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First experience flying with Emirates Airlines, a let down…

For the longest time, I had wanted to fly Emirates, I was curious by its ads claiming to be the best economy class in the world. In fact, about 2 years ago, I had the chance to travel to Dubai … Continue reading

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Porto, your gateway to Portugal’s wine country

I was in Lisbon recently for a couple of weeks and decided to visit Porto for 2 days, I took a train from Saint Apolonia Station in Lisbon and 3 and ¼ hours later, I was there. Keep in mind … Continue reading

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Pack your bags and get to Lisbon, Portugal as soon as possible

  First the bad news, Portugal, in this case its capital Lisbon, is not a secret anymore, “Lonely Planet Guides”, named Lisbon as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit. Surprisingly enough, even though it still … Continue reading

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