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I’m very excited to review the New Delta One Suites on the recently retrofitted Boeing 777-200 LR now servicing LAX to SYD. I was able to secure a one-way ticket to Sydney with 120,000 miles + $27.90, which I booked 4 months in advance and seems I did it just in time before the redemption miles sky rocketed from around 100k to over 400K.

Delta One Suites are a business class product, not first class, and Delta makes it difficult to use your hard-earned miles, charging first class prices for a business class product. I have been reading reviews and watching YouTube videos about the anticipated Delta One Suites and had very high expectations about this product and have been anticipating this trip for a few months.

I knew that Delta One Suites would not be able to compare to other premium service products out there like Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines , British Airways, to name a few, but I was still hopeful that Delta One Suites and service on DL 41 from LAX to SYD was everything I had been hoping for and that for once Delta proves to me that they are everything they say they are and want to be.

Flight 41 LAX to SYD was scheduled to leave at 10:40 PM , head to the boarding area from Deltas Lounge only to find the flight being delayed because of 2 things, there is a flight, not on our gate, but close that needed to deplane and we had to wait, then I hear that Sydney’s Airport has a curfew and no planes can land there before 6 AM ( why does Delta schedule a flight at 10:40 PM if it can’t leave due to Sydney’s airport curfew?).

Finally we are able to board and I was able to get into my seat 2D (window), First impression, it is tight and not in a good way, as I step in and take a look at the surroundings, a flight attendant comes by and instead of welcoming me, she make a smart ass comment and tells me that my bag needed to go in the overhead compartment ( Thank you Captain Obvious!, get an idea of how tight the space was?) there is not even space in my suite to put my shoes out of the way, however, the suites in the middle ( 1-2 -1 configuration)  do have an extra space that can be used for shoes.

Short time after , a nice flight attendant came by and offered me a drink. I continued to look around the space, there was a bag with a pillow, a Westin heavenly blanket, a pair of slippers, and missing, was a pair of pajamas (not provided by Delta), they would have been a nice touch.

After takeoff dinner service start, I had pre ordered my inflight meal 2 days before as Delta sent me an email with the choice to choose between 3 entries, the caveat, no pictures, only descriptions , I chose the chicken with capers , pictures would probably helped me picked something else, as the chicken was dry. Before we had had a salad and tomato soup (I mean juice!) that was so runny, it was not only tasteless but unappetizing as well.

If you want a better idea of Deltas One Menu and drinks, enlarge the attached pictures.
After dinner I tried to get a couple of hours of sleep, key word “tried”, Delta did not provide a cover for the seat and it was so thin, it felt almost like sleeping on a plank, after a few hours of uncomfortable snoozing, I got up to go to the restroom, which I was surprised to see it was a standard cabin bathroom, no more space in business class.

The flight attendant saw me and asked me if I wanted a snack, she offered a French bread pizza with a glass of Champagne and I will say that it was very tasty, enjoyed it more than dinner.

For breakfast I had the cinnamon French toast with a side of grapes that started to oxidize,  and presentation was sub par, definitely they did not need to be served in a Delta One cabin , the toast was just ok.

The suite did have a great TV monitor and it was very responsive, I saw about 2 or 3 movies during the 14 hour flight and being busy does help with the long flight, so does drinking lots of water, it did make a difference when we got to Sydney in that I was hydrated and this helped me stay focused for the long day ahead.

When possible, I choose to fly business or first class any time over coach, the only reason, you just fly more comfortable regardless of destination or length of flight, plus the bonus of better cabin service.

In this case, on a 14 hour flight, flying in my own suite made all the difference, having direct access to the aisle and no one next to me made more comfortable , plus being able to lay flat ( regardless of how uncomfortable the seat was) and sleep for a few hours was worth the miles this trip cost me.

The verdict: Delta One Suite was good, I liked the concept , however it was smaller than I anticipated and felt somewhat confined compared to other similar products in other airlines , food was average , I was expecting 5 star dinning and it was more like 3 ½, service was good, and other than my first interaction with one flight attendant before takeoff, they were eager to please and anticipate my needs.

However, with so much competition and for the price and miles that Delta charges for one way and or round-trip legs on Delta One, shop around because you most likely will find better deals out there and it will come down to personal choices , your airline status ( if you have one) and how much you are willing to spend, so happy shopping and travel my friends…..

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