First experience flying with Emirates Airlines, a let down…

For the longest time, I had wanted to fly Emirates, I was curious by its ads claiming to be the best economy class in the world. In fact, about 2 years ago, I had the chance to travel to Dubai and visit Emirates training center, where we toured the facilities and had first hand account of how employees were trained, it all looked very impressive and glamorously chic, I could not wait to experience all the glamour they so advertised.

The opportunity finally came where I had a chance to book a flight on emirates, I was so looking forward to it, the anticipation, after all, I was about to fly on the  airline that claimed to have the “best economy class in the world”.

I would have loved to fly Emirates business and first-class, but their rates are ridiculously overpriced compared to other airlines, does Emirates realize that most of us do not work in the oil trade and do not have unlimited resources to pay upwards of $8,000 one way for business class and over $20,000 for first class? No sarcasm here 😉

I was flying to Casablanca, Morroco from Fort Lauderdale via Dubai on Emirates. First, I get to FLL airport which is one of the worst airports I have ever traveled out of, no airline lounges, hardly no shops or restaurants pre-check in. I had flown in to MIA and took a commuter train to FLL, I had 6 hours to spare in FLL, which I thought I would spend in a nice restaurant or lounge, that did not happen. I will avoid traveling out of FLL in the future. No doubt

I get to the counter to check in and I was expecting luxury, over the counter flowers, beautiful people in Emirates fashion, just like advertised, reality was far off, clerks at counter were just plain janes, no problem at all, just felt cheated.

Finally, boarding time came, and I was so anxious to get on board, I could not stand myself. As I get thru the plane’s door, I suddenly realize, is this a joke? Did I step into the wrong plane? Where is all the bedazzle, all the luxury, all the hype Emirates told me I should expect? As I walk thru first class, business class and finally economy, I am hit with the realization of stepping into an old aircraft, that is outdated and challenged in sophistication, style and leg room.

This was scheduled to be a 14 + hour flight from Fort Lauderdale to Dubai, can’t Emirates use the most comfortable, newest aircrafts for these long-haul flights instead of using aircrafts that should only be used for local or short flights? Emirates certainly does not think so.

Delta, United or American Airlines would have offered the same experience, the difference is that we already expect bad service, bad food and bad seats from these and other airlines,  so what makes Emirates the best economy class in the world? My guess is the great advertising?…Maybe it was Jennifer Aniston willing to give up her first class suite for a seat in the “Best Economy Class in the world” .

Employee’s presentation, was another let down, no gorgeous counter or on-board flight attendants, just plain janes which left a lot to be desired , no burets, not all smiles here , they were rude, far from the gorgeous look I was expecting, cabin service was a letdown as well, for a 14-hour flight, I would have expected more than just dinner (when dinner was served, I had the Szechuan chicken are you kidding me? It was tasteless and baby food would have looked and tasted better than this offering) and breakfast, a wine selection other than 1 red or 1 white and at least a couple of snack offerings throughout the 14-hour flight, we had to get up and ask for water several times.

Over all my first experience flying with Emirates was nothing as expected, it was just as underwhelming as flying with any other average airline in the market, I will say that Emirates has a brilliant marketing strategy, unfortunately, it took one time flying with them to debunk all the hype and to make me want to fly Delta or American internationally, again.



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