Ever thought of cruising solo? Here is a great opportunity to save some money and have a really good time

Solo travel does not have to be intimidating , on the contrary , very rewarding. Don’t be scared to try it, you just might enjoy it and wonder why it took you so long to travel alone. I do it all the time and it’s freeing , liberating and utterly fun .

Traveling solo can be a hard thing to do for some people, they might be fearful of going to a new place alone, unsure of what to do and or where to go. Staring conversations alone can be an intimidating thing.

I have been traveling solo for a very long time and not because I don’t like to travel with others but rather because sometimes it is a challenge just trying to get friends or family to decide on locations and or times when we can all go at the same time, so instead , if I really want to go somewhere, I just travel solo.

One of the only disadvantages I see with traveling solo is the additional single supplement charges that solo travelers often get charged on tours, hotels and for example on cruises, the more people in a cabin, the cheaper the cost. But solo travelers are charged a single supplement charge that brings the cost up.

Here is a great opportunity to save on single supplements and actually have a great time , if you are concerned about traveling solo, this is your opportunity to travel alone but together along with only 212 passengers.

Check the link below for a great offer from Windstar Cruises





About Colombianfoodie

My name is Myriam A, I was born in Colombia but have lived in the USA most of my life, my passion is travel , good food, good drinks and good people. I am 100% citizen of the world and animal advocate ! I hope if you follow me, and get inspired to start your own journey. I don't have the opportunity to travel with companions all the time, so most of the time  I am a solo traveler  , I would love to share my stories and offer any advice to anyone out there unsure if solo travel is for them I  have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, I hope you can join me thru these adventures, and get some motivation to travel , either alone or in good company , stay tuned ......
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