Passion Fruit dreaming

Colombia is known for having some of the most incredible fruits and vegetables in the planet ; one of my favorites is Maracuya or Passion Fruit, pictured here is the yellow passion fruit ( you can also find a purple skin one, however , tastes the same). The flesh or little eyes like some kids call it , is sour. You can eat it raw , because the flesh is sour, you can it either with sugar or salt.

YES! salt, I grew up eating this magnificent tangy fruit cut in half (using the fruit’s shell as a cup), with a sprinkle of salt, a spoon and I was in heaven .

This fruit is also used for cooking, in desserts , savory dishes and juices. The one pictured here is made with the flesh of 2 passion fruits, sugar and a 24 onces of water, perfect for 2 servings , set in a blender, pass thru a strainer (to catch most of the blended seeds) and serve over ice ; its tangy, its sweet, its delicious, your welcome…

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