MIni guide to Bogota Colombia

Must Eat, drink: Ajiaco, it’s a regional dish, but for me, it should be our national dish, Pan de Queso (cheese bread), drink Hot Chocolate and of course stop by one of Juan Valdez’s for a taste of the best coffee in the world!

  • Andres carne de res, 2 locations


Take a Coffee tour tel. 7539777

Guatavita Lagoon, Neusa Dam, can be done in one morning, then maybe go to lunch in Sopo at a restaurant by Andres Cepeda, he is a famous Colombian singer if you make it to Sopo, also make sure to visit the Alpina factory, which makes milk products and they have a store where you can try and buy products, so worth the visit for some great Colombian treats, like cuajada con arequipe, ( cheese curds with caramel).

Another day you can tour Bogota, botanical garden, if you are there on a Sunday and or holiday, go to Usaquén for local art and handmade Colombian wonders  , there are also free tours to the gold museum , Botero museum, go to Monserrate, it’s a town on top of a hill, and magnificent city views, Bolivar plaza,   la Candelaria neighborhood in Bogotá to walk, eat and see, its an old part of town.

45 minutes away is the salt cathedral in Zipaquirá, yes, its made of Salt, must not miss.

As far as places to eat and hang out, go the the Parque de la 93 y la zona rosa, these 2 places are the hippest places in the city to see and be seen.

Another great day trip is Villa de Leiva , about 3 hours ayay and Paipa also about 3 hours

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