Salt and Straw, possibly the best Ice Cream In Portland. OR

If you are in Portland, Salt and Straw is a must if you seek ice cream, it is the best ice cream I have ever had and I am not an ice cream person, although I have a gigantic sweet tooth, I usually go for the chocolate or the baked goods, but being the foodie I am, I saw the ice cream shop on an episode of unique sweets on the cooking channel, so when I visited Portland, that had to be one of my stops.

Sure, anyone can make ice cream, but the people at Salt and Straw use sustainable organic ingredients, so the end product is superior to anything you have ever had, plus they have some unexpected flavors you would ever imagine could go together, less as an ice cream flavor, I was intrigued by the flavor featured on unique sweets, bone marrow and cherry, unfortunately when I asked for it at the store, they told me this was a special creation for an event, not part of the fair sold to the public, talk about “false advertisement”, but you know what , It got me in the door, and I had “no choice” but to try some of the other unique flavors, like pear and blue cheese, it was incredible, the blue cheese and pear complement each other and the blue cheese did nor over power the sweetness of the pear, they now just how to blend them both to make one cohesive and delicious ice cream.

The next flavor I tried was olive oil, nothing weird about it, but in an ice cream? It totally works, it is delicious, it reminds me of sweet cream ice cream with a hint of saltines that just makes you stop and think about what is in your mouth, when I was a child growing up in Medellin-Colombia, I use to eat a street food, it was an ice cream pop made with mild white cheese, and it was delicious, cheese worked in this pop, and the olive oil reminded me of this, and I was in a happy place.

Visit Salt and Straw, they have 2 locations in Portland; visit the Alberta District one for the added cockiness….


About Colombianfoodie

My name is Myriam A, I was born in Colombia but have lived in the USA most of my life, my passion is travel , good food, good drinks and good people. I am 100% citizen of the world and animal advocate ! I hope if you follow me, and get inspired to start your own journey. I don't have the opportunity to travel with companions all the time, so most of the time  I am a solo traveler  , I would love to share my stories and offer any advice to anyone out there unsure if solo travel is for them I  have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, I hope you can join me thru these adventures, and get some motivation to travel , either alone or in good company , stay tuned ......
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