Food Finds,Chocolate Edition

I have written about the Chocolate Garden previously, however,I have to do it again, I discovered the Chocolate Garden years ago, not even sure where I think it was the Food Network, at that time, the Chocolate Garden was just starting out, had a few flavors, I remember the first time I tasted one….OMG, I was in heaven, it was the most rich, creamy decadent chocolate. It was hard to keep away of the box and not eat them all on one sitting, thru the years, Tina, the creator and owner of the Chocolate Garden introduce new, carefully selected flavors, each one, a perfect morsel of goodness.

I am excited to say, there are new, incredible flavors, you need to try…..

Licorice? and chocolate…. yes, Tina married the two in a perfect symphony…

Sticky Bun, incredible caramely…

Milk Chocolate Caramel, no words if you like caramel…

please just visit the website, order some your self,

what are you waiting for?

I am going to indulge in one, or two my self right now !


About Colombianfoodie

My name is Myriam A, I was born in Colombia but have lived in the USA most of my life, my passion is travel , good food, good drinks and good people. I am 100% citizen of the world and animal advocate ! I hope if you follow me, and get inspired to start your own journey. I don't have the opportunity to travel with companions all the time, so most of the time  I am a solo traveler  , I would love to share my stories and offer any advice to anyone out there unsure if solo travel is for them I  have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, I hope you can join me thru these adventures, and get some motivation to travel , either alone or in good company , stay tuned ......
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